Why it's Great to be A Teen: This is a must read for every teenager. Thank you to my friend who sent it to me. I printed it and re read it over Shabbos occasionally. It's amazing. Basically talks about how lucky you are to be a teenager and how to make the most of it. A bit long, but totally worth sticking with to the end.

What I wish I knew at 13: The intro is long and very personal but if you skip to were the points start you will read one of the most amazing articles ever.

Bal Tshuva Storys
Every single Bal Tshuva has a story. My sister who is not so thrilled that I'm becoming frum even told me out of the blue, "You know (my name) you should really write an autobiography, it would be really interesting. So here are some of my favorite Bal Tshuva story's that I've read.

The “B” Word: Let me tell you a secret. Any Bal Tshuva could put there name as a the author of this article. I have thought of printing this and presenting it to people many times. I love it. I wish I could take credit for writing it. It is truly brilliant.

A Match of Faith: One of the first emails I ever got had this story in it and I was hooked. It's a story of returning and finding a shiddich. Really well written. Go read it now!

The Ultimate Rebellion: Let me tell you another secret, part of me becoming religious was a rebellion. It was a rebellion I would have done regardless of my hormones(at least I hope so) but the fact this was an outlet for me to upset my parents with didn't hurt. Add to that my Neshama was crying for spirituality. A story of the ultimate rebellion.