There is a lot of amazing websites out there, but I personally find it easier to just receive things in my email. So here are links of who to email to subscribe to the best Jewish newsletters out there. You can pick from daily, weekly or periodic emails. But seriously sign up for!!! It will change your life. I recommend the daily dose. It will inspire you to no end.

thejewishwomen magazine is my favorite weekly newsletter.

The Daily Moshiach Thought: Get a thought about Moshiach everyday to your phone via text or email. (I recommend doing it by email) Just email and ask to be put on the list. The email was started in honor of Shayna Bracha bas Chayim.

The Chitas Email: It's officially called Chitas for Kids. It has all the sections of Chitas in English. One Tehillim is explained beutifully. The email is available in English or Yiddish. The Tanya is short and easy to understand. The whole email is beautifully written and easy to understand. I recommend it to any Jew you can convince to sign up. For sure the best candle lighting reminder email or text out there. (I get both) The email has a little thought of inspiration.

Avner Insititue: This email sends a weekly story about the Rebbe. They are really good story's. If you are Jewish and trying to build a connection/understand the magnificence of the Rebbe subscribe to this email by emailing and saying you want to subscribe. For more info about the Rebbe go to

Daily Chofetz Chaim Emails:  Chofetz Chaim was known for his Torah scholarly and his stress on not speaking Loshon Hara. These emails are some of his works. I only get the English emails. I will describe those four in the order I read them everyday: (Warning the emails look long, they are not)

A Daily Companion: This email gives you tips how to avoid speaking Loshon Hara

A Lesson A Day: This email really focuses on Halachas of Loshon Hara and explains different situations were you might not think you are speaking Loshon Hara but indeed you are. The email has to parts, Sefer Chofetz Chaim, and Sefer Shmiras Haloshon. 

A Lesson in Truth: This email is really a handbook for anyone looking to make Torah study the top priority of there life. I do not recommend it to all. I also must mention that some times I think they are a bit extreme. Nonetheless it has a nice story, and a lesson which I read everyday.

Lessons in Kindness: This is my favorite Chofetz Chaim email. It has an amazing story everyday and then a Step you can take that day to increase your kindness. The site has the same layout as and the same level of expertise as well. Just some more emails to subscribe to. They are almost all weekly, and not that lengthy. Time to make another gmail label for these.

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If you know of any good Jewish emails out there please let me know! I want to subscribe. Email me at