Sunday, May 20, 2012

How I Am Bringing Shabbos Into My House

We still need to get a Kiddish Cup
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Bringing Shabbos into my house was a lot simpler then I thought it would be. I already light Shabbos candles every week. I was hoping my mother would take ownership of lighing...I was surprised with my fathers enthusiasm. Some men in my Chabad House have began saying Kiddish by the lunch Kiddish. That how I first began thinking of asking my father to say Kiddish at home. Combined with my new Kosher pots I knew I had the resources to bring Shabbos into my house.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Kosher Pots

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My Pots look nothing like these.

Taking on Kashrus is the hardest thing I have ever done. Running a mile is not as hard, biking, even passing the deep end test for the 1st time wasn't as hard. My parents reacted to my decision a lot better then I was expecting, and I am so grateful.

A little background information: Over a year ago I took on eating only Kosher food all the time except for at dinner. The reason for this was I had read on line that when you a BT stops eating there mothers meals the mother flips. Imagine, your parents raised you, they took care of you when you were sick; and now you decided there food isn't good enough for you? Good luck with your relationship. I also continued using my family dishes. A month ago I decided it was time to take on Kashrus completely.

Monday, March 19, 2012

$300 & A Trip To NY What Would You Do?

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This past summer in the second week of camp I started being Tznius. The 1st day I wore a skirt I'd gotten from Old Navy. I thought it was very campy. Well my holy but imperfect friend set me straight telling me it was very nebby (nerdy). I was very hurt and countered suggesting she take me shopping sense she has god style.

Well my unholy friend, the other friend, and my friend who answers everything with a question and I went shopping a few times that

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Finished The Whole Tehillim nbd.

Artscroll Large Tehillim
This Shabbos was Shabbos Mevarchim and it's custom for once to finish the whole Tehillim. Tehillim is divided into 5 books called sefers. It's also divided into 7 days for the week and 30 days for the month. The most Tehillim I've ever done in one day was 4 Sefers, an extremely accomplishing fact itself. This Shabbos I did the whole Tehillim!!!!!!

Normally its best not to say Tehillim at night, but on Shabbos Mevarchim you are allowd to start saying Tehillim Friday night which is what I usually do. I try to do the 1st Sefer which is 52 pages in my book of Tehillim, so at night 10pages at a time and taking a beak isn't so bad. However this week I was very tired on Friday and went to sleep.

I woke up a little after 8am did Brachos ate a Bannana did Karbones and then did one days worth of Tehillim. I went to Shul which hadn't

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Geting A Vayikra Chumush!!!

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Its the first google image when you search Vayikra

I am pleased to say that I am getting a Vayikra Chumush!!! Here is the story: Last week my moms friend called asking for a babysitter. I got the job. Baruch Hashem I  was so happy because the women paid me the exact amount I needed to buy a Chumush and its time to buy the Vayikra because we are already almost done with Shemos.

I wasn't able to buy my Chumush right away because I had to pay for my texting. I davened that somehow I would still be able to get my Chumush. Well Hashem heard my prayers because meanwhile I got sick. I had a horrible stuffy nose. Absolutely disgusting. As my nose cleared up I noticed I had a rash, it was everywhere and itchy. I told my mom and she let me come home early from school (a miracle in itself).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Finish Chitas Before Midnight

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This is the same Chitas I have.
All Chitas owners want that my-Chitas-can’t-close-look. All Chitas sayers want to get sleep before midnight.  I have a lot of friends who do Chitas every day and some friends who do Chitas some days and everything in between. One thing they all have in common is a the challenge of being able to do everything within a reasonable hour.  Hopefully this post will help with that.
Whatever you do, whatever level you are on it is important to do it every day. The goal here is routine. If you find there is something you make an option then take a break from it until you feel the stuff you are already doing is a part of you. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie Day

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Seriously doesn't that pie look good!
Today is Pie day. The english date: 3/14 are the first 3 digits in pie, 3.14. Today is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Pie day is exactly what its name applys, an excuse to eat pie. My math teacher organized for our class to have 6 pies brought in to eat. I ate none of them.