Websites Without a thought the best website on the planet. Complete texts of the Torah and Tanya. Classes on every Jewish topic you can think of. Incredibly inspiring articles and must subscribe to emails. I rely on for some much, and I would probably not be religious now without them. I have personally used there Chumush with rashi for my own chitas, and have read many of articles . It is a bit overwhelming when you first get to the site which is why I recommend signing up for an email, so that you can get the newest articles and search around when you are more comfortable. Has all Chabad related News and occasionally some world news. My favorite Chabad news website.

The Jewish Women: A branch of but definitely deserving of its own mention. The best articles are always written by the Jewishwomen editor, Sara Esther Crispe. I recommend this site to ANY JEWISH WOMEN.

FridayLight: Information about lighting shabbos candles. Go to this website to get a free fridaylight kit.

FunkyFrum: Just found this website has some cute modest clothing, I'm not so sure how active they are today. They have a blog that hasn't been updated in a while, but has some good archives.

Yaldah: Yaldah is a magazine by Jewish girls for Jewish girls. They recently updated their website putting up articles from past magazine issues.


Musing for Meaning: Sara Esther Crispes blog on This is the best blog ever. There is no comparison. She is my favorite writer. Go read it!!!!!! One of my favorite blogs. The blog has been getting a lot of guest posts recently which I haven't liked, because they just are not as good. This blog makes fun of things religious Jews do, and is satirical. It has brought a lot of people closer to Judaism with no intention of doing so. It's funny and always a good read. This blog is a good read. The author is a Jewish  convert and she writes about everything a convert would need to know. Her posts are very sincere and helpful for all Jews. The number one site for Jewish and non Jewish viral videos. Updated numerous times a day. Similar to thecooljew, but not updated as much.(Still very regularly!) Gruntig puts 3 videos, funny, inspirational and music video of the week up at the top of his site to the left. They are always worth watching. A women singer, although her posts are not everyday or week she does update and they always really interesting and well thought out. This blog hasn't been updated for many years, so I debated whether to put it under a blog or website. Go look through the archives, they have typed up the song lyrics to a lot of very beautiful recorded and non recorded songs. 

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