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I Finished The Whole Tehillim nbd.

Artscroll Large Tehillim
This Shabbos was Shabbos Mevarchim and it's custom for once to finish the whole Tehillim. Tehillim is divided into 5 books called sefers. It's also divided into 7 days for the week and 30 days for the month. The most Tehillim I've ever done in one day was 4 Sefers, an extremely accomplishing fact itself. This Shabbos I did the whole Tehillim!!!!!!

Normally its best not to say Tehillim at night, but on Shabbos Mevarchim you are allowd to start saying Tehillim Friday night which is what I usually do. I try to do the 1st Sefer which is 52 pages in my book of Tehillim, so at night 10pages at a time and taking a beak isn't so bad. However this week I was very tired on Friday and went to sleep.

I woke up a little after 8am did Brachos ate a Bannana did Karbones and then did one days worth of Tehillim. I went to Shul which hadn't
started yet, talked for a few minutes and then started saying Tehillim. Once Davening started I davended ahead of the Minyan and while waiting for the Torah to be read did more Tehillim. After the Torah was read I went to this room upstairs and continued saying Tehillim. Desprite the loud music blaring from the college parts across the street. I finished the 1st Sefer and my only break was the Rosh Chodesh prayer in Musaf.

After the delicious tasting Kiddish I went home to say Tehillim. I finished the 2nd Sefer and said Mincha while waiting for my friend who was suppose to come over. She didn't and out of misery formyself I took a break in the middle of the 3rd Sefer. After I got overmyself I realized it was 4:45 and Shabbos didn't end tell 8:26. It dawned on me, I am totally capable of finishing the whole Tehillim. There is enough time and I wanted the ragging rights. My motivation for finishing was if I finished I was going to walk to my Shliachs house and celebrate. After Shabbos I would be able to tell my friends and they'd be proud of me. I wanted to do it for myself as well, but this motivation, and the idea of my Shliachs food and reaction was the real motivation.

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The rest was a blur, I said Tehillim tell 8!!! Taking only a little food break, a bathroom break, and a moment to read my Haom Yom.

When I finished my Tehillim was to late to go to my Shliachs house, but man was I happy!!!! I can barely believe it. I DID THE WHOLE TEHILLIM!!!! Around this time last year I wasn't even keeping Kosher! IT took me about 4-5 hours give or take one. I texted and told literally everyone religious that I know and so i got congratulated a lot :)

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These are some of my favorite reactions:
"Very proud!" -the Shliachs who food motivated me
"That is beautiful!"
"You are so good!"
"Mazal Tov!!"
"I'm sure that took work, good job!"
"You are sooo good!"
"You should have all the Brachos!"
"I'm very impressed"

and my all time personal favorite answer by the best Rabbi on the plante, texted seconds after being sent...

Well...Nu congradulate me in the comments!

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