Monday, March 19, 2012

$300 & A Trip To NY What Would You Do?

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This past summer in the second week of camp I started being Tznius. The 1st day I wore a skirt I'd gotten from Old Navy. I thought it was very campy. Well my holy but imperfect friend set me straight telling me it was very nebby (nerdy). I was very hurt and countered suggesting she take me shopping sense she has god style.

Well my unholy friend, the other friend, and my friend who answers everything with a question and I went shopping a few times that
summer. We didn't find that many normal priced modest clothing that I was willing to spend my hard earned counselor money on.

After the summer I visited my friend who answers everything with a question and went shopping with my holy but imperfect friend. Before going to the stores we added up all my hard earned counselor money, that cashed I'd made from long hours mowing lawns, and the astonishing profitable start up business created out of need to water plants. All in all I had $300, enough to buy a laptop or Ipod touch etc. You know something fun, something cool.

It was the first time I had so much money all at once and I spent all of it. I used the money to buy skirts because that was a priority. With no help besides for choosing what to buy I bought my own Tznius wardrobe. My holy imperfect friend said it was "Very inspiring to watch."

Well what would you have done? Would you have spent the money on clothes or a Laptop?
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