Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Kosher Pots

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My Pots look nothing like these.

Taking on Kashrus is the hardest thing I have ever done. Running a mile is not as hard, biking, even passing the deep end test for the 1st time wasn't as hard. My parents reacted to my decision a lot better then I was expecting, and I am so grateful.

A little background information: Over a year ago I took on eating only Kosher food all the time except for at dinner. The reason for this was I had read on line that when you a BT stops eating there mothers meals the mother flips. Imagine, your parents raised you, they took care of you when you were sick; and now you decided there food isn't good enough for you? Good luck with your relationship. I also continued using my family dishes. A month ago I decided it was time to take on Kashrus completely.

I'm honestly happy I waited tell now to only use Kosher pots because I don't think I could have stood up to my families constant complaints and misunderstandings earlier. Everything was and is Hashgota Protis (HP), Divine Provicdnece. Everything happens for a reason.

A few days before Pesach, I told my parents I'm no longer eating dinner with them because the food is not Kosher, after Pesach I would be buying my own pots and pans. Pesach came and went, the week after came and went and on Sunday I went to the store to buy my stuff. I hadn't bought my stuff immediatly because I had to figure out some technicaltieis which I will write about in another post.

Meanwhile I go to the store I find the stuff I was looking for and then I check the prices. Pretty average for the Pot and Pan. But the spatchela to make my eggs(which I still haven't used yet...) was over $5 no way was I going to pay such a big sum. I left the store feeling defeated but hoping my parents would agrea to drive me to another store.

I walked home, and my mother when I told her I hadn't bought anything sounded very sad. My father and sister came home and immediately wanted to see my pots. Even though everyone was upset about me getting pots when I didn't have them their neshamos kicked in and so my father and mother argued about whether they would buy me pots. This occurred while I said Tehillim. :)

After the arguing stopped my father came in to try to get my approval(he was arguing that they should buy them for me). He didn't get it. My sister, who I need to write is one of the strongest people against my Yiddishkite, this is good, because they say those types of people usually become religious themselves :) called my father into the other room. Shortly thereafter my sister walked into my room and said "Get your stuff Dad's taking you to the store. Its my idea so you should thank me." :)

We went to a cheaper store, were I was able to get a Pot, and to Pans. All on sale. We found a set of spatchels and spoons for $5.  My father was very excited and even agreed to take me to the Mivkah to Toivel my pots. Everything is Hashgota Protis.

I turned down his inspiring offer. All of this shopping happened on Sunday. I didn't go to the Mikvah tell Wednesday because my mother said she couldn't take me tell then. I had the option to walk but I didn't because I wanted my mother to be able to be apart of the Mitzvah by driving me to the Mikvah.

It wasn't tell the Sunday after that, that I walked close to 7 or 8 miles to the hardware store to buy a metal sheet. I needed it to put it between my kosher pots, and the nonkosher stove top. My mother was very angry by this so I didn't cook tell later in the week. The first thing I made was rice for the family.

I am very humbled, and amazed by myself.

Nu, please give me praise in the comments.

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