Sunday, May 20, 2012

How I Am Bringing Shabbos Into My House

We still need to get a Kiddish Cup
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Bringing Shabbos into my house was a lot simpler then I thought it would be. I already light Shabbos candles every week. I was hoping my mother would take ownership of lighing...I was surprised with my fathers enthusiasm. Some men in my Chabad House have began saying Kiddish by the lunch Kiddish. That how I first began thinking of asking my father to say Kiddish at home. Combined with my new Kosher pots I knew I had the resources to bring Shabbos into my house.

On Wednesday I asked my father if I sent him a link with the Kiddish would he practice and be willing to say Kiddish on Friday. He said yes. I then asked him if he would listen to a recording of it as well. He said yes again. So I sent him transliterated Kiddish with a recording. Courtesy of To get Challah the campus Shlucha had an extra so I paid her for that. My brother said it was "The best Challah ever! I just can't stop eating it!"

Right before we lit I heated myself a mushroom barley soup and mozzarella stick. I also put a few cookies on a napkin.

After I was set up we lit and then turned around to watch my father who'd put on a Yamuka(his own doing) say Kiddish-with tune! Next my father said Hamotzi. As we  ate Challah my brother commented that, "This is so nice, I can't wait to do this next year!" I told him "don't worry we are going to do this every week!" :)

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  1. hi! just stumbled upon your blog. i am in awe! keep going!!!!! i love you!!