Monday, December 27, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everybody has there own story. There own story of how they became who they are today. One of my teachers had us do an assignment for a This I believe Essay. For those of you who don't know what that is: I spent a lot of time and energy writing this. Its some of my best work, if not my best work ever. It was very emotional to write. So after reading if you don't mind please take a second to comment.

I believe everything happens for a reason. On May 9th, 2008 I got hit by a car. It was a normal Friday afternoon and I was hanging out with my best friend . It’s a bit sketchy to me how it happened. All I know for sure is my friend and I were at the Packard gas station looking for some candy so we could get “sugar high”. The gas station didn’t have the candy we wanted, so we decided to go to the gas station across the street. Here is where my memory goes blank. My friends told me what happened again, and again, but I always forget. All I know is, I flew 30 feet across the intersection, stopped traffic for three hours, and didn’t break any bones. Nothing major there.
A month or so after I got hit by the car, when it finally sunk in I kept asking myself why me? Why did I have to have my life ruined? Everything I loved was taken away from me, soccer, sleep away camp, swimming in the summer, etc. But it’s okay, because it happened for a reason. I had to go to physical therapy almost every day in the summer, which honestly sucked. But it made my knee stronger and taught me exercises to get better at soccer.
During that same summer I had to go to the day camp I grew up loving, Camp Gan Israel. That was the gross leftover spinach for an awful summer, so it looked. It was actually the appetizer for the rest of my life. Overall I had a really bad time at Camp that summer. My friends didn’t go that long, and the counselors and I had a beef. The fact that we had a beef made it really confusing for me to still love camp. I did anyway which pushed me to search and search why did I still love camp? Which is why in 7th grade when I needed to choose a topic to do research on something I love, I choose Camp Gan Israel.
For a month everyday I got to search the World Wide Web for my answer. And an answer I found.  I wanted to be religious. I had always wanted to be religious and now I figured out how to be religious. If the car hadn’t hit me, and I hadn’t had to go back to Camp Gan Israel that summer, I might not have figured this out. I might not have decided on that hot spring day in 09 that I wanted to be religious.

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