Tuesday, December 28, 2010


(This post was imported from one of my old blogs and has bad quality writing/spelling/grammar. Please excuse the amateurism.) So basically I signed up grudgingly for Spanish at the end of last school year. Why? to get my language credit out of the way. So i walk into my Spanish class an I'm like crap, this is the worst class i have ever seen. So i start plotting for ways out.

Simple i think, I'll go down to the guidance counselor and explain i wanna take ac. I go to my counselor, aka the scariest women i met in my first week of school. She was like hell no your not switching.
I go to class meet some pretty funny/annoying people who i guess are OK, an an like OK I'll stick with Spanish. AH but then, my teacher he has a terribly hard grading system. i began to fail. well I told my loving mother who called up my counselor who decided she needed to call us back at-7in the morning to tell us she emailed us!!!(hate her!)

well she tracked me down and i had exactly 4hours to switch into cooking. aka the worse class in the whole entire school. yes it beats Spanish in that category.
soooooo what i did was i now go into my Spanish class almost everyday and just chill. its great. i have an A in class, and fun during that hour.

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