Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Geting A Vayikra Chumush!!!

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Its the first google image when you search Vayikra

I am pleased to say that I am getting a Vayikra Chumush!!! Here is the story: Last week my moms friend called asking for a babysitter. I got the job. Baruch Hashem I  was so happy because the women paid me the exact amount I needed to buy a Chumush and its time to buy the Vayikra because we are already almost done with Shemos.

I wasn't able to buy my Chumush right away because I had to pay for my texting. I davened that somehow I would still be able to get my Chumush. Well Hashem heard my prayers because meanwhile I got sick. I had a horrible stuffy nose. Absolutely disgusting. As my nose cleared up I noticed I had a rash, it was everywhere and itchy. I told my mom and she let me come home early from school (a miracle in itself).

My mom made an appointment and it turns out I have a no longer contagious rash that is a post side effect of the cold I just got over. To convince me not not tell my sister about the rashi I was bribed with the exact amount I need to buy the Vayikra Chumush!

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