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How to Finish Chitas Before Midnight

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This is the same Chitas I have.
All Chitas owners want that my-Chitas-can’t-close-look. All Chitas sayers want to get sleep before midnight.  I have a lot of friends who do Chitas every day and some friends who do Chitas some days and everything in between. One thing they all have in common is a the challenge of being able to do everything within a reasonable hour.  Hopefully this post will help with that.
Whatever you do, whatever level you are on it is important to do it every day. The goal here is routine. If you find there is something you make an option then take a break from it until you feel the stuff you are already doing is a part of you. 

 To understand the importance of consistency lets take 2 cups of water. The 1st cup you boil for 20 minutes straight. The 2nd cup you boil for two minutes when you realize, you put the water in the wrong dish. So you turn off the burner, switch the water to the correct dish and re-boil the water. Two minutes later the same thing happens. Stop and Start. Stop and Start.  This two minute stop and start boiling intervals continue for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the stove breaks. Which water is hotter?
The 1st cup is someone who does a little Chitas every day. Every single day.
The 2nd cup is someone who does the whole Chitas every day. For a two days and then stops. And then starts again.
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When your stove breaks it is hard to keep the flame going, if the water is already hot then it will remain hot. Same with habits and routine if you install them while you are enthusiastic about them.
The stove is your enthusiasm.
Spit it up into Chunks Throughout the Day
A lot of people Daven in the morning, Daven Mincha and then at approximately 10pm (or later) begin doing all the other parts of Chitas. To avoid doing this, and to be more productive throughout the day make sure you do at least one thing before Davening. A suggestion is Hayom Yom and Sefer Hamitzvohs before Shacharis and Tanya before Mincha. In addition to helping you get Chitas done early in the day learning before Davening helps you get read to Daven. After Shacharis or Mincha say your Tehillim while you are still in a holy concentrating state.
A very pretty leather Tehillim

Get a Chitas Partner
You don’t need to do the entire Chitas together, but learning regularly with someone is very special.  By learning Chumush or Tanya with someone you are better able to really understand it .If you learn even one small part of Chitas, like Sefer Hamitzvohs with someone, naturally the conversation will flow to the discussion of Chitas and you will remind each other to do it.  If you decide to learn a harder thing like Chumush with some you create a lasting bond and friendship. My Chumush partner and I push each other to spiritual limits. I care about her so much that this post is dedicated to her because she always stays up late doing Chitas and truly inspires me.  A great thing about having someone to learn with is the day you decide you can’t finish will be the day your partner pushes you to finish.

The most beautiful Chumush.

Use Your Strengths
I am addicted to the internet. I recognize this and try to use this to help me grow as much as possible. One way I do that is by receiving Sefer Hamitzvohs  and Hayom Yom in my email. I don’t learn Tanya yet but if you do, has all of these, so I encourage you to sign up.  If your strengthis are multi tasking in school or work do Chitas there. If you drive a lot then listen to daily shiurs on Tanya or Chumush. There are many things you can do just be creative. Maybe you are good like me at taking breaks, Chitas time!
I dream of a leather Chitas.

Now if you had time to read this, then that means two things, you are doing something right(by reading this blog) and you have time to do Chitas! So go learn!
You are a Chosid you can do this!
If you have any other Chitas tips please share them in the comments. Thanks.

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