Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jewish Star Season 2 Contestant: The British Rapper

Name: Menachem Weinstein

Age: 18

Residence: London, England

Currently doing: Working in a pizza shop, saving up for Yeshiva, and starting a youth project for teens.

Music roots: I've been singing since I was a young boy. I was also in a Chabad children's choir.

Musical inspiration:  Matisyahu, DeScribe and Y-Love, and Jewda Macabi - I'm inspired by the lyrics and messages that they portray through their song. thejewishteen agrees!

Music in your life: It's how I express myself. When I put pen to paper, whatever is on my mind and whatever is within my feelings just pours out.

Reality check: This contest will answer that.

Favorite musician: Anyone who sings from the soul.

Favorite song: Anovim - MBD and Vehi Sheomda - Yaakov Shwekey.

Plans after the contest:  Go to Yeshiva and carry on making music.

A Jewish Star: I think it's a sublime event which gives the opportunity for Jewish people with amazing talents to shine.
Another Song written and sung by Menachem Weinstein
This was originally reported by and edited by thejewishteen

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