Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mendy Pellin IS Shnazzle

Mendy Pellin, ex-host of the Mendy Report is Shnazzle. He use to be funny. He use to be the best thing that ever happened to Chabad, and Orthodox Jews image. (Well second to Matisyahu anyway) Then he moved to Hollywood, got “discovered and now is in movies. This has made him weird and a true Shnazzle himself in every way possible.

Lets look at Mendy through the years. 

His Mendy Reports truly kept me entertained for a while. He made the Jewish news funny, interesting, and something I wanted to know about. Until he for no particular reason stopped marking the Mendy Report! I was devastated.

He did this Chanuka thing in 2007.

His yearly Purim videos where some of the highlights of his Shnazzle stops here career.

Then he did stuff for the Chabad Telethon. This was a brilliant idea. Mendy Pellin is a natural host and did a fabulous job. This was the top of Mendy's Shnazzle stop career. From here on it was all down hill. He started making videos to promote Jewish holidays. Most of these videos where pretty good. But personally I would have traded all of the holiday promoting videos for a few more Mendy Report ones.

The where is Chabad dancing video is pretty much the last good video he made.

 He happened to make this video when he had already landed a movie part. So I'm fortunate for that fact because it means Mendy Pellin is still a genius, despite his movie career. But Mendy Pellin and his movie career is a HUGE Shnazzle! I'm going to say what everyone has been saying; Mendy Pellin being in the movie will make people want to see the movie, and think its okay to do so!

Unfortunately for Mendys fans everywhere it got worse. Mendy started making stupid videos. Like his spa video with Matisyahu, and his flip my beard video. (I refuse to post either of them, I don't want the videos getting lots of YouTube hits!) It is ridiculous. Mendy Pellin had so much talent and potential. He still does. But his beard video was just to far.

For those of you who don't know, the Beard video was “inspired” by a non Jewish artist's song and her video; Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair. Mendy's video is very similar in the idea to Willow Smiths video. It's a chutzpah! What is Mendy doing? He has no business to do such an outrageous dumb, non-funny thing! Let the Shnazzle stop here!

PS. I still think Mendy Pellin could go back to his Mendy Report. I'm guessing he stopped for a few reasons. The job was tiring and a lot of work. It didn't pay, and now Mendy has a family to feed and support. If that's the case, I respect him to an extent. Getting a job to support his family was a good idea. Stopping the Mendy Report wasn't. I have a solution. What if Mendy started making his videos again either daily, weekly, or even once a month, and he worked for COL. Perhaps COL could pay him enough for this to work as a way for Mendy to support his family.


  1. I showed this post to Mendy... he first laughed and then said you should interview him instead of guessing. The best way to reach him is through facebook.

  2. hi thanks for showing it to him. i would actually be interested in interviewing him. i'll send him a message through facebook sometime this week.

  3. Gosh... Now I really want to see that beard video you mentioned.

  4. well michael thats not really what i was hoping to accomplish...but thank you for your comment anyways.

  5. maybe you might like this-

  6. thanks for link. i already knew about the tour. seen the videos.