Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Jewish Star Season 2 My Thoughts: Day 7

Hi this is Day 7 of my thoughts on The Jewish Star Season 2 Contestants. Everyday I am taking 10 of the contestant and posting there YouTube video and my thoughts on there performance. I took the time to highlight the guys I liked in bold.  I mentioned in some that I thought they were like any random cantor or any random wedding performance. To perform at a wedding or to be compared to a cantor is an honor.

PS. I apologize for the delay in posting of this post. Basically I was all set to post when my computer crashed. Please tell your friends that I am posting daily again. Thanks, thejewishteen.

Demian Aaron Kaus: Sung in Hebrew and stung his guitar. I thought his voice was very nice.

Meir Rivkin: Sung in Hebrew, and strung his guitar in a nice video outside. His voice was really good to.

Harry Askenazi: The video was a bit blurry, sung completely in Hebrew, there were also parts of the video that made his voice screech.

Nossin Schwatzberg: Took a video clip of himself singing at a wedding. His voice is similar to any other wedding/cantor performance.

Yossi Loloyan: Self composted, sung and played his guitar. Also made a very nice video. Sung in English.

Betzalel Ness: Took a really nice song, and a made a video. I thought his voice really fit into the song he choose.

Moshe Yoel Hershberg:  BRILLIANT! Took an all ready amazing song and made it even better!

Any Comments?

Moshe Silver: Does what he does well, sung like a cantor.

Eli Flax: Didn’t make a video, but like I said, England’s got talent! This guy just gets up and sings like your cantor, but he is just so good!! You have to listen.

Simoueli Halmi: Did a self composition rap hip hop thing. Was really good, except was in French. Still very good song and video, besides with music its all about connecting to the song. You don’t need to completely understand the lyrics, you just need to be able to connect.

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