Monday, January 3, 2011

Why I Was Late To Shul On Jan 1

This past Shabbos was the secular New Year. I was invited to a new year’s party Friday night, and went. The party was boring and the only reason I went was because after the party I was having two Jewish friends over and then the next day we were going to go to Shul.
It was all working perfectly. Sure that night my friends were nervous to be going to the Chabad Shul. Obviously Chabad has a Mechitza. In my town having a Mechitza is a big deal. The Mechitza was something my friends were both uncomfortable with, and started having second thoughts on the whole idea of going to Shul. Whatever I told them there would be good food, we’d arrive lateish, and everything would be fine. That was the end of the discussion. We continued our sleepover and went to bed.
When we woke up one of my friends told me there knee hurts. I thought to myself, well that’s odd. Anyway we got dressed, were about to leave, and were actually running on timeish for Shul when my friend said they can’t go because there knee hurts. So they called their parents and half an hour later go home. Again myself and one friend were about to leave. My other friend who needed to be back at my house by 1:00 PM said they needed to call home to check in.
Until this phone call my friend was saying they had to be back at my house by 1 to do homework. Well on the phone I guess they got asked if they wanted to stay or they wanted to get picked up. They said they wanted to get picked up to watch the college football game. Do you know how frustrated/disappointed I was?
 BTW the team they were rooting for lost by a lot that day.
I was so mad. I now had to wait another half an hour for another friend to leave! Once they left it was already past 11, so I ran to Shul. The rest of the story I am saving for a later post.  If you want to know ASAP how Shul went that Shabbos(it was interesting) either comment, or email me.


  1. This is taking tooo long.
    Your posts are really good.
    how was shul tho?
    keep on updating

  2. Hey sorry i didn't post ina few days. My computer broke, so in short i had techincal defficulites/lack of time. Have no fear i wrote quiete a bet the old fashion way, with a pen and paper;)

  3. anyways thanks for your enthusiasim. as for shul. are u asking about this week or last week?

  4. sorry about that.
    i keep on forgetting my password so it takes ME forever to post something.
    yeah idk.any week. you just sounded like something exciting happened last week.
    i love the israel stuff!

  5. I'm so happy you enjoy the Israel stuff cuz there is more of that planned coming up soon. Feel free to comment on those posts to.
    Well basically what happened at shul was at the kiddish a young girl got glass stuck in her foot and had to go to the hospital and it was a big fiasco!