Sunday, February 20, 2011

Justin Bieber and his Jewish Connections

Justin Bieber, possibly the biggest singer today is not Jewish. He's not interested in Judaism, in fact his mother wanted him to be a Christina singer before he became famous. So okay, hes not Jewish, his mother isn't Jewish, so what on earth is the connection? He says Shema before every concert.

BIG WHOOP he says Shema before every concert. He's NOT Jewish. It's not a big deal. Now let me tell you a story. Justin Bieber for those people that don't know started his singing career because he posted some videos of him singing in a competition in his home town and his out of town relatives wanted to see.

Partly because of a lot of things, his looks, his voice, his friends, his family, the videos started getting 100s of  1000s of hits on YouTube. It was crazy. Here was this regular, I think he was like 13 14 maybe 12 at the time kid who was famous without a manager. So like technically he wasn't famous because he wasn't on every single magazine cover. Regardless to his fans he was the world. His first album was called My World.

Well back to the story. So this guy, Justin's future manager, Scooter Braun is just searching the Internet for his next singer. You know, he's young wants to do things his own way. Anyway long story short someone emails him this YouTube video of Justin singing.

Scooter knew he was watching someone special, so he decided this is his guy, he's going to contact him and fly him out to him to Atlanta. Well again long story short his mother had different ideas. She said no, absolutely not. Scooter just wouldn't stop calling, so finally one day she called him to tell him to just stop. On the phone for THREE hours Scooter managed to get Justin's mom to agree to let Scooter fly them out to Atlanta. The rest is history.

So whats the lesson? The reason the world has Bieber fever is all thanks to a young pushy 26 year old Jewish kid.

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