Monday, April 11, 2011

Jew In The City Season 2 So Far

I was just doing what I do best, searching the world wide web for new interesting Jewish blogs. Or really anything of interest when I found this great cool blog It has TONS of cool info about being Jewish. At thejewinthecity they do a video serious. They are very professionally done. There in the second season. I haven't watched all of season 1 yet, but have no fear, my thoughts on those are coming soon. For now please sit back, read a my intros and watch Jew in the City Episode 1,2, and 3.

Everyone knows theres a recession. The Jewinthecity talks about the upcoming holiday of Paseach. But if you want to know how to stay debt free Watch this video, Jew in the City Episode 1, Season 2

Large families, so cute!! But why does it feel like all orthodox Jewish families are so large? Watch this video,  Jew in the City Episode 2, Season 2

Shabbos got to love it, I agree with everything she said. Why do Jews not drive on shabbos? Watch this video, Jew in the City Episode 3, Season 2, to find out!

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