Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sketchy Purim Songs

So as most of you know, a little while ago I had a post about the Maccabeats. Well I'm not going to kid myself, and pretand I deserve the credit, but they did make a Purim Song/Video:

But I think its a little sketchy....

You see, unlike the Chanuka video this Purim Song was remixed by a not nearly as popular goy song. So not nearly as many non frum Jews can relate to it. Second the original Chanuka song was sung by a Man. This Purim song, the orignal song, "raise your glass" by pink, is sung by a women!!! Hello kol ish...watevr.

The last sketchy part is that this video:

was realased March 4th. The Maccabeats was released March 8th. It's just sketchy.
Although I still do like the song/video the Maccabeats did, so thumbs up!

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