Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Reason School Should Start Later

I'm not going to tell you school should start later because kids need more sleep, and that lack of sleep isn't healthy. No I'm not going to tell you that, because I'm not a doctor. I'm  going to tell you that schools should start later to keep kids off the street.

They tell us the reason we go to school is to get an education, this is partially a lie. You're parents could theoretically teach you everything. In this day of age with technology etc, you can do online school. So seriously why do we go to school?

Two reasons:
1. For social reasons, its how its always been done, and to meet people etc, so social reasons.
2. To keep kids off the street, I'm not sure if it says it in the Torah, but I'm pretty confident that part of the reason Judaism stresses learning so much is to keep kids from just hanging around doing nothing.

It's the same with homework and tests. You get homework/testes to have something to do. Sure, sometimes you actually remember the stuff you have a test on, but at least in my case, I forget most of what I cram for a test minutes after I take the test.

School isn't even that bad. I don't mind school that much. You get lunch, passing time. My friends are there, its not so bad. (Although I complain about it everyday...) What is bad is how beeping early it starts!

Tell me why if the main reason we go to school is to not get in trouble, that my school ends at 2:30pm. I do not go to a Jewish school. Do you know how much trouble I could get in? Lets see, 3, 4, 5, 6. That's already close to 4 hours and I haven't even had dinner.

If school ended started at like 9, I'd still stay up just as late as if it starts at 7:40. But if it started at 9 I would get more sleep. Same thing for if it ended later I would still eat dinner at 6, so why not just have it end later?

Here's what I propose school, start school at 9, and end it at 4 or 5. If you right now get out of school before this time be honest, do you do anything productive tell this time anyway?

Well what do you think? Shouldn't school start later? Feel free to comment.

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