Friday, April 8, 2011

Rebbetzin Tap and Friends

So I recently started tweeting and I love it #ilovetwitter #twitterforlife anyway, I get emails letting me know when new people start following me. Well I got an email that Rebbetzin tap was following me. Naturally I went to her twitter, saw she had a website clicked it and began watching her videos. I looked through the website and it seems pretty nice. She has a lot, actually she has a TON OF ENERGY.

Here is her Purim Video:


This is her Simcha Club. Not sure what her Simcha Club is, but well she sure does have a lot of energy!

Pasaech is right around the corner, and heres Rebbetzin Tap's video song about it:(I really like it)

I actually thought of this blog post yesterday(thursday) but didn't post until today, Friday because I wanted everyone to see this video right before Shabbos, Good Shabbos.


For more info on Rebbetzin Tap go to her website: On her website, you can see song lyrics, and read more about who Rebbetzin Tap is.


  1. Thanks so much looking into my videos and website!!!

    I send out fun clips periodically (which is what my Simcha Club is all about.)

    I'm so glad you like my stuff!!! I'm just trying to spread a little laughter and joy about being Jewish!!!

    Good luck!!!

    Rebbetzin Tap

  2. Hey thanks so much for commenting.

    Your simcha club sounds cool.