Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bageling Someone

Have you ever been asked, "Excuse me are you Jewish?" If you have I'm guessing that question either changed your life or greatly offended you. Your reply probably went somewhere along the lines;


"Of course I'm Jewish"

Well I mean my name is..."

"No leave me alone"

I personally have never been asked if I'm Jewish. Usually I'm the one asking ;) Lucky for those people I intend to ask I first bagel them. I've been bageling people sense before I can remember. I just didn't know the word to call what I do. Well I had to look no farther then the Internet to find a good word for what I do.

Bageling someone is when you meet someone, possibly get to know them, and have a strong suspesion they are Jewish. You then make a plan or scheme to get them to admit if they are a Jew or not, you get them to have that rush when you make a connection with another Jew. To learn how I bagel someone please wait a few days tell I write a post on how to bagel people.

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