Monday, May 16, 2011

"No I'm Catholic..."

One day I was sitting in my class at my desk being the good student that I am listeing to my teacher go on about yesterdays homework. Just as I was about to zone out of the hour my teacher said; "Okay class pick up your pencil and draw your neighborhood please."

I was thinking ughhh can't the teacher just keep talking so I can continue my day dream? (Or in my case start) Well after that quick thought I began the assignment. After a few minutes I looked at the board and saw my young college student teacher drawing her neighborhood. One of the streets she had written was the street the Chabad house is on. I am so about to bagel her I thought as I to added that street to my map.

After class I told her I have some of the same streets on my map. The teacher asked to see it. I told the teacher I always go to Chabad and so the teacher responded saying no way  she lived around the corner from there.(The Chabad house is on campus) So I asked does she ever go to the Chabad House(a beautiful bagel line). "No I'm Catholic.

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