Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yellow Card

This post is about my soccer game that occured yesterday on May 23 2011.

My team is first in are league. Not saying we are super amazing, just making a fact. We hadn't lost a game. We were not destined to loose a game. Our toughest opponent, we had already played twice. We just need to tie or win are last game and were undefeated. Well our toughest opponent had other plans.

They asked for a rematch. We accepted grudgingly. "Why not we thought, we beat them twice we can do it again." Well long story short, the game was scheduled to be home for us. They come maybe 5 minutes before the begging of the game, the ref allows them some extra time to warm up, okay fair enough. We begin the game, score in the first half. Then somehow the other team scores. My team had only conceived 3 goals the whole season up to this point, so you can imagine the shock. We were tied, when the half ended.

At the start of the second half we were dominating we had some good chances but just couldn't score. It started raining, and we were playing on turf. The ball was very slippery, the game was getting sloppy. Our center midfielder passed a dangerous ball back to our center defender. The ball got past our player and number 10 the player I was marking got the ball and made a lucky goal.

Let me tell you something about number 10, number 10 had attitude and was making little comments the whole game. I didn't like number 10. We were both playing dirty. We were both talking to the ref.

Back to the story. My team was devastated, heartbroken, but we took the ball, kicked it off and got back to work. There was a lot of time left and we intended to score. There goalie did not look that amazing. After maybe the 4th lucky catch the goalie made number 10 started clapping and said good save. I decided to mimic number 10.

The following will be in play dialect mode. All non speaking parts will be italicized.
Me: clap clap Good job, nice save, about time clap clap
Number 10: okkkkkkkk
Me: What the goalie finally made a good save I'm proud.
Number 10:  rude laugh
The ball comes are way, and I kick it out of balance. We are both pushing. We go at it some more and finally the ref tells us to both cool it. More pushing....
Number 10: You need to stop before someone slaps you
Me: You need to stop before I slap you.
The ref says that's enough, number 10 rolls his/her eyes. The ref blows his whistle and gives number 10 a yellow.

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