Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Shabbos

Over at the blog the prompt for the week was "sweet".
Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest is the sweetest day of the year. By sweet I mean, a craving desire  for the day to arrive.

Lemme walk you through my typical "sweet" shabbos. Before I start let me start off by saying, I love Shabbos. I look forward to it all week, but when it finally gets here-I wait for it  to end.

Friday night: Get ready, make sure I take a shower. Locate matching sockes. Usually go to sleep by 9 or so.

Saturday morning: Wake up. Leave for Shul around 10. Then at Shul during the lchaims at the kiddish, all the kids go up stairs and we play this imitation game. We imitate anyone and everyone. We imitate each other, old counselors, parents, friends. It's so fun, and everyone has a sweet time.

Saturday afternoon: Walk home, take a nap, wake up ice cream, read, sleep, read, dinner. Little bit more snacking and then my sweet Shabbos is over :(

How do you spend your sweet Shabbos?