Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Most Imporant Thing About Israel Education

Learning about Israel is something I've grown up with. I come from a very Zionist minded education and surroundings. Knowing Israel is suppose to be in Israel, that its holy(I don't think this is empathized enough), that Israel is not a bad guy, and that its very safe to live in are some key things I believe should be taught to encourage Israel identification.

  1. Why Israel? Why does Israel have to be in Israel?
I know this may sound like a silly questions, but its not. Before there was a Jewish state, the UN proposed multiple suggestions of places were there could be a Jewish State. Zionists insisted the Jewish state be made in Israel because, that is the land of our for fathers, its the holy land, and whats a Jewish state without the graves of our for fathers? Not to forget the all to important kotel, and the holy city of Jerusalem.

  1. Israel is holy, act awkwardly!
When you go to Shul, you act and dress respectively. When you go to the kotel most people do the same. Israel should be treated with the respect of a Shul, but on an even higher level. That means if you want to live in Israel, you need to know Jewish law, you need to respect Jewish law, and you need to live by Jewish law.

  1. Despite what the Media says, Israel is not the bad guy
If any other country in the world was to defend it's borders, they'd be applauded. Only Israel is portrayed as acting with terror when defending themselves.

  1. Israel is very safe to live in
Say what you want about “they could bomb you” “It's a war zone”, “there's soldiers everywere” Exactly, there are soldiers everywhere. The soldiers, and the police do everything in there power to keep Israeli, yes Israeli, not Jewish, Israeli citizens safe.

When you watch your local news, or read about local news on the Internet, and get to the crime section you are notified about all the crimes happening within your city. Possibly surrounding city's.Israel is very tiny, about the size of (get this). When Israelis watch the news, and here about crimes, the percent is much lower. Take into account, Israelis, get a report on there entire country. Can you imagine how many crimes happen in your little state alone?

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