Monday, October 31, 2011

My Chitas Saying Game Plan

Sometime during Tshrei I decided to take upon myself saying Chitas. That my readers is no easy task.  I asked myself;

How am I possibly going to remember to say tehilllim before it gets dark?

How am I going to have the will power to put the time needed aside to compile with my goal of saying chumush, tehillim, mincha, maariv, kiryat shma, tanya hayom yom, daily mitzvahs etc. In addition to the hour, give or take a few minutes it takes me to daven shacharis??

Thus I made for myself a game plan, I put reminders in my ipod to remind when to say certain things and I made steps, or a daily checklist.

To make my steps, I started with what I already did. I read the daily mitzvahs and hayom yom in my newsletters. I usually read those two, along with the daily dose in the morning before shacharis. So that's the first thing I wrote down.

0. Read newsletters
1. Daven Shacharis before school

After shacharis I run out the door, down the street to my neighbors house where I get in there car and we go to school. I knew I couldn't count on being able to say chitas everyday at school, so I decided that no chitas will regularly be said at school. Which is how I get to step two:

3. Come home eat a snack for 10 minutes and then listen to Tanya, daven mincha and say the daily tehillim portion


That's right, my dear friend told me all about the's apps. They have Tanya in English, Hebrew, Chumash, everything! The best part is I can download there free apps, and choose wether I want to hear my Tanya in English or Yiddish.

I always choose Yiddish.....

Fine I wish I choose Yiddish, I'm not fluent, although I'm learning, so I choose English. Then a browser opens and a podcast of someone, I think it's JJ reads a line of Tanya in Hebrew then explains it in English. It's awesome.

It's because of my friend who told me about the apps that I even considered taking on chitas everyday.

After step 3, I do my homework, my chores call my friends, tweet, Gmail, go on facebook, all that good stuff. Then at approximately 9:55 my ipod again goes off with a reminder that I need to begin Maariv in 5 minutes.

4. Maariv, Chumush, Kiryat Shma

I admit on step 4, as it's close to my bed time and I'm tired I don't always say maariv and Kiryat shma. But ever sense Simchat Torah I have been saying Chumush everyday.

Now if only I had sucha good plan for having productive Sundays.....

Do you say chitas? How do you do it? Whats your Chitas saying Gameplan? Please tell me in the comments below.

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