Monday, October 17, 2011

"Out of Town"

A while ago, Heshy Fried wrote a post explaining how out of town people talk/act etc. He then asked people what being out of town means. Who is an out of towner?

Well I have an answer: Being out of town means a variety of things:

 You don't live in Brooklyn- Basically you don't have a shul on every street corner, you don't have 5 billions kosher food options, and you don't have another 5 billion schools to choose from. You also have a life outside of your own neighborhood, oh and you own a car.

 You don't live in NY- You might live within driving distance of the big apple, and you might work eat and go to school in NY but you are an out of towner. You spend waaaaaay to much time driving, and only have one pair of sneakers.

You live in a big Jewish Community, but not in NY- La, Boston, Florida etc are all big Jewish communities, in some parts of these cities there are Shuls on every block and lots of Kosher food choices. Communities but none the less, out of town communities.

You live in a suburb of a big Jewish Community- If you drive 45+ to school, but still occasionally go out to eat, this is you. All your friends live in town, but you don't.

 You're liven it up in Alaska or some other foreign country- Yes, I'm aware Alaska is not a foreign country. You have your own quarter of the city, and one shul, and a restaurant but no school.  You are in an out of town foreign city, and you have located the Jewish community.

 Let the long debate continue.  Who is an out of towner?

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