Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Candlelight- A Very Good Thing

Did you see the Yeshiva University cappella group Maccabeats remix of dynamite? The remix known as Candlelight was an overnight sensation. The group mad a catchy chorus and a great video with the help of  Uri Westrich. The them of the new song is the story of Chanukah.

I know some weren’t in love with the (name for singing a goyish song) idea but besides for that, the candlelight song increased Jewish pride and Chanukah awareness.
Note: This post has some missing information. I wrote it a while ago. I think its REALLY good and I'm hoping the Maccabeats will see it so that they will hopefully remebered they have 100s of fan who would love a Purim song and video. Hint Hint. If anyone knows the facts that are missing. PLEASE PLEASE comment. Thank you.

Like the Maccabeats did with there poplar candlelight song let start with the beginning of the story. This video they made explains: 

Then on November 26, 2010 (name of the person who wrote the song) song was released. Facebook went nuts! This video was everywhere! The Maccabeats where interviewed on local news channels and even where on the Early show CBS, the Today show, to name a few.


Everyone Jewish quickly became obsessed with this song. One day in the middle of Chanukah I was taking a test. Suddenly I heard Candlelight playing. I thought I was going crazy. I though I was hearing this in my head. Then I looked up from my test and people where bobbing there heads to the beat. Some people where mouthing the words to Dynamite; but a few Jews, myself included where mouthing the candlelight words! After class everyone rushed over to the class next door to ask them what they where listing to; it was Candlelight.

So what’s the lesson from the story? Well actually there are two; one is that most popular artists waste there talent singing about putting there hands in the air, clubbing, love, drugs, broken hearts etc. We know this because the remix of the song was so catchy that it stuck in peoples head. Because the song had good meaningful lyrics people where actually thinking about Chanukah, rather then putting there hands in the air. The second lesson is sometimes using (goysih song thing) can be a good thing. Why? How can (goyish song thing) be a good thing?

Because this Candlelight song was so popular many Jews where heard proclaiming how happy they where to be Jewish. For some Jewish teens, that’s a very big deal. Many people where excited about Chanukah. In some of the interviews I watched the Maccabeats actually said that they received fan mail (via email of course) that people where telling them that because of there song they let the menorah that night! Lastly many people still sing this song (although it’s dying down). It’s almost been a month sense Chanukah ended. Wouldn’t you agree that if more Jewish teens are continuing to sing this song, and continuing to be proud to be Jewish then this Candlelight phenomenon is a very good thing.

                                          Here's some blooper from the making of the video
Heres one last remix to the song