Monday, February 21, 2011

The Jewish Star Season 2 Recap Kinda of A disappointment

The winner  of the kid competition is Yisroel Amar (pictured left)

The Winner of the adult competition is Mendy Piamenta from Israel(pictured right)
The 3 Finalists for the adult competition were Zalman Attal of France, Aaron Holder of Miami and Mendy Piamenta of Israel, In my opinion the best guy didn't win. In my opinion the best guy didn't even make it to the top 3.

To be completely honest I was disappointed big time. I was disappointed in most of the quality of the auditions. I was disappointed in honestly over half of the auditions. Like me and my friend were joking, which auditions are even worth watching? Like some of them were that bad. I tried to watch all of them and then write what I thought. I couldn't finish in the end due to school work and the crazy amount of auditions.

So ya, most of the auditions weren't that good. But I was thinking okay its fine because the judges will say the truth and be harsh, but true on the judging video. Well boy was I wrong!

The judges were so boring.

I mean I was kind of willing to accept that the judges were nice on the video. Maybe they got in trouble for being to harsh last year. Who knows. Besides most of the guys who I wanted made it. (Although I really wanted Ari Raskin to make it, I understand why he didn't. Because he wouldn't be able to change outfits on stage is what people told me, well if I understand correctly the Junior Contestants didn't sing there audition songs.)

Anyway the fact that Voiz iz Nois received a list of the top 20 contestants at the time. Uhmm hello wasn't that site in some trouble. Banned or something? Fishy. (Not trying to spread stuff, just I read it on, so it must be true....;)

So lets review, the audition quality was not up to par, the judging video was boring, and a site that was/is not exactly I guess Kosher would be the word is working closely with the competition.

Now lets not forget who was a judge, and who was the host. Mendy Pellin was a judge, and Benny Friedman was the host. Isn't Benny Friedman a singer, someone who would know a lot more about quality music then perhaps a comedian who would have had more chance to show off his world famous jokes.

Finally were to the live show, the highly anticipated show. Well despite manys thoughts Shmuly Brafman didn't win. I'm no judge, and I think Yisroel Ammar is fine, just I'm not sure if he is the best. I just feel bad for the 3rd guy, Akiva Schechter according to COL he practiced 3 hours a day to get ready for the show!

For the adult competition they made it even more dramatic, the judges picked the top 3. I wasn't there, I can't say who performed good etc/who didn't. But I saw all of the auditions and I'm sorry but the best guys didn't make it to the top 3 finals. The best guy didn't win. No disrespect to Mendy Piamenta, I actually really liked the song. But he wasn't the best.

Seriously when I my friend told me the 3 finalists I thought it was a joke. I thought heck, might as well crown HaRavn Menkes as the winner!( Would have made a lot of little boys dreams come true thats for sure!) Because I thought it was a joke! I thought my friend who told me was pulling my leg.

Like seriously did you watch the auditions? Did you hear Gershon Schapiro's voice? It was amazing! 

I mean did you hear any of the songs? Like especially Ezzy Duchman's his voice was so good, and the video and song were just so powerful!

 Motti Hershkowitz  also sung beautifully and had a powerful touching voice.

Hillel Braun  who I personally didn't like, but obviously is good sense he was in the top 10 according to Mendy Pellin's tweet was; "So much better then his video...Flawless 2night".

Or Menachem Weinstein or Zalman Levy? I wanted Levy to win. No lie. I love his song. I love Weinstein's song to. There both stuck in my head. Why were they not in the top 3?