Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If I could Redo One Day Of My Life

I Wrote this for school a few years ago. It kinda sucks but its on topic so...
If I could redo one day of my life it would have to be a Sunday a few weeks ago. My soccer team was playing a very good team. They are ranked better then us. They were playing good and we were playing good. We were playing a bet better then them in my opinion. Most of the game we had control of the ball, and it was on there half of the field a lot. Finally with like 10 or 15 minutes left we scored. We were so happy. We crowded the scorer. We were screaming and it was a very happy time.

There is a saying that you’re the most vulnerable when you’ve just taken the lead. We were trying not to be vulnerable. As a team we all defended. We were excited and new we couldn’t play beautiful soccer at the time so we simply just kicked the ball up the field. Over the course of the next long, long minutes. We settled down and again started controlling the game. But this time not as much. Before we had the ball entirely. Now the other team was winning a few 50 50 balls and getting a couple of chances. Luckily the beast goalie of ours saved them.
Somebody asked the referee how much time was left. He said; “one minute.” The other team threw the ball in. So our player then thinking there was one minute left, got to the ball first and kicked it out again, a little farther down the field. So again the girl threw in the ball. This time however her teammate go to the ball first and started dribbling a few feet and then crossed the ball into the box. The beast goalie of ours went out to get the ball.
Everybody was sure the goalie would get the ball. The goalie divided ready to make a similar save she had made earlier in the game. She dived. Thump. Had the ball in control and is still wondering how the ball got into the back of the net. Later by examining the face of the crying goalie it was discovered somebody had kicked her face. She had three streaks of dirt where a cleat would have been along her face!
You could argue that kicking the goalie is a yellow card. Or you could say that the game was already over. Being that there was not enough time to get the ball thrown into play twice in one minute. I would argue both of those points. But lets stop for a second and think what this bad call by a referee did to an entire season. Lets say this team is trying to get respect from there peers, trying to win the league.

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