Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How To Not Be Busy

In life there are lots of things to do. Having a lot of things to do is called being busy. Being busy can take up a lot of time and energy. Good friends can become offended when you never have time to talk to them. I try to make sure I'm never to busy, so that I don't ignore anyone.

It’s not easy, because I myself have a very busy schedule:
6:00 AM: Wake up, daven, get dress,
Breakfast, go to school
7:40 AM: School
2:30 PM: Study Hall
3:45ish PM: Basketball practice
5:30-6:00 PM: Get home
After getting home my schedule varies on the times and order of events but consists of; dinner, homework, the computer, talking on the phone, gmail, texting, and now blogging.

So I bet a bunch of you are thinking WOW what a BUSY person! Must be so stressed! Well actually, I have secret tricks that get me to bed almost always at a reasonable hour.

1. Do your homework in school every single day I get my math done in school during different classes. Lots of teachers don't really care if you work on homework in there class. Pick a subject that every single day gives homework and that preferably is one of your morning classes. Now vow to get the homework for that class done every day in school

2. Study ahead of time I know its obvious, but it works really well. Say you have 3 tests all on Friday and they get assigned to on Tuesday. Study half an hour for the easy test a day or two ahead of time. You will be way less stressed come Thursday night. Trust me it works.

3. Don't study with friends There in my opinion is no reason to study with friends. It wastes time and is unproductive. The only exception to this tip is if you already know the material and are quizzing each other.

4. Get a planner If you don't have a planner yet, I suggest you bye one now. Every time a teacher assigns an assignment, or a test write it down in your planner. This saves time you would have to call/text your friends asking if there’s homework and if yes, what it is.

5. Make a to-do list I do this every weekend. My dad does it every day. Write down everything you have to do, doesn't matter if its school related. Include talking a shower. Check the task off as you do it. You’ll feel so accomplished.

6. Do big projects on the weekend If your goal is sleeping, and to never have to pull an all nighter, or a light night, or an early morning do your big projects on the Weekend! Otherwise if you wait tell the night before, and it’s a school night, you will be up late.

7. Use flashcards to study yes there are other ways to study. Trust me flashcards are the fastest and most effective. Either you know the information or you don't. When I use flashcards, if I don't know the information I take a word and look at it, and say the fact thats on the back of the flashcard five times. Then I take 3 words that I already know and throw in the word that I just learned and quiz myself.

8. Leave your Ipod and Phone in another room if you really need to get work done leave electronic distractions in another room. One hour of solid works is more effective then 4 hours of working with distractions around you.

I hope these tips help you. In the future I might do an entire blog post on a particular tip. Feel free to comment if you would like to add to the list or if you disagree with some of the things I wrote.

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