Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jewish Star Season 2 My Thoughts: Day 1

Hi this is Day 1 of my thoughts on The Jewish Star Season 2 Contestants. Everyday I am taking 10 of the contestant and posting there YouTube video and my thoughts on there performance. I took the time to highlight the guys I liked in bold.  I mentioned in some that I thought they were like any random cantor or any random wedding performance. To perform at a wedding or to be compared to a cantor is an honor.

Dan Dabbah: Sounds like your typical Israeli, except he’s not. He’s Argentinean. The comments say he uses his hands to much. I personally didn’t see such thing. The comments said he was mimicking Gad Elbaz. Unfortunately I haven’t heard Mr. Elbaz sing, so I can’t agree or disagree.

Aaron Holder: He’s back!! He’s here! And he is ready to comment!! His song for Sholom Rubashkin was put on Youtube a while ago.. This time the video has been updated. The song is the same. As for his singing ability; his voice is very very deep. I respect that he’s so commented to his dream of becoming a singer that he would comment on almost every single comment posted on the site.

Yehuda Tenebaum:  He sounds like your typical wedding performance. Nothing special.

Ezra Lejbik: The comments where in love with this guy! Now personally I didn’t find it that amazing that he could sing like any other cantor. But hey, he’s from Brooklyn, so these guys(the commentators) got his back right?

Zalman Levy: He’s the best by far. His song is in English. He wrote it. He sung it amazingly. The lyrics are meaningful. He didn’t try to copy anyone. I really, really, like it. Even though its in English he’s still got this like good Jewish thing going on in the song.

Mendel Markel: He was like ehhh. To me I just don’t appreciate singing in Hebrew. I’m sure the song was great. He played on his guitar as well. I just couldn’t understand it because I don’t speak Hebrew that well. His fans seem to have a ton of support for him. So I wish him success.

Shmuel Chaim Plotke: The video is taking FOREVER to start. The video is of him singing in a park. He just sounds like any random cantor. 

Menachem Weinstein: He's a British rapper. Although not going to lie, I thought he was trying to sound a little like some famous non Jewish rappers. This might not have been intentionally. Other then that he was really good. I liked his chorus. I hope he makes more music.

Baruch Naftel: The beginning of his video was a nice little intro with some clearly good editing and video taking skills. Once he started to sing, I thought he sung very nice. I’m going to be honest he did not stick out in anyway, except for his stylish scarf.

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