Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jewish Star Season 2 My Thoughts: Day 2

Hi this is Day 2 of my thoughts on The Jewish Star Season 2 Contestants. Everyday I am taking 10 of the contestant and posting there YouTube video and my thoughts on there performance. I took the time to highlight the guys I liked in bold.  I mentioned in some that I thought they were like any random cantor or any random wedding performance. To perform at a wedding or to be compared to a cantor is an honor.

Hillel Kapnick: The first thing I could think of when I heard him sing. Was wow this guy is good! His voice just blew me away. Then I saw the video, it’s very impressive that he wrote the song and played the whole thing, instruments and all.

Yaakov Flusberg: The comments on the were not very nice to him. I’m going to put it simply, he was off key, and from this video he doesn’t seem like a very good singer. Although if he was singing at a wedding he must be somewhat good.   But to all those mean commenter's there’s no reason to be mean. Just don’t comment.

Yossi Sherman: He just got up and sung. He wasn’t super loud and but didn’t sound like any random canter. He squeaked a few times, but I couldn’t tell if this was from the quality of the video or his voice. Regardless I thought he sounded like one of those guys who sings around a camp fire at camp.

Levi Wagowsky: The video was boring! He just moved his hand. The song was boring. He sounded like any cantor. Nothing special.

Aron Benhamou: I liked it! I really enjoyed the idea of an older man playing a guitar outside. The song and singing was very good to. Although it was in Hebrew and I didn’t understand most it, I liked it because the tune of the song was good.

Avi Ganz: It was okay. He just sung. He had a pretty nice and soothing voice. He played the piano.

David Herskowitz: He’s young. Probably just over 14, meaning he’s a jewishteen ;). According to the comments he use to be in Miami Boys Choir and he was one of soloists. I don’t know if this disqualifies him. His video quality was not very good; as in he just sat there and sung which is fine, but also the video makes it hard to tell if he is messing up or if he is having technical difficulties. Regardless he was good.

Shmuel Morgenstern: He had this bubble effect edited in to his video. Although it was a bit weird, it shows that he at least tried to make a good video. Despite his effort to make a video, I’m not digging his voice. Its just a little to much of the same wedding type performance.

Abraham Cooper: He’s got this whole folk story version of Adom Olom going on. He’s good at what he does. Personally not my style. Would have maybe helped to have an interesting video.

Ratzon Gholian: Your typical wedding performance. Nothing special.

Any Comments?


  1. Thanks for the compliment! I was honestly kinda worried putting up an original composition of mine but you made me feel a lot better about it!

  2. your welcome! you were fantastic. i really love your voice. oh and thank you for the comment :)