Friday, December 31, 2010

Jewish Star Season 2 My Thoughts: Day 3

Hi this is Day 3 of my thoughts on The Jewish Star Season 2 Contestants. Everyday I am taking 10 of the contestant and posting there YouTube video and my thoughts on there performance. I took the time to highlight the guys I liked in bold.  I mentioned in some that I thought they were like any random cantor or any random wedding performance. To perform at a wedding or to be compared to a cantor is an honor.

Update!! Please Reread Shimmy Atlas. I updated it.

Reuben Antolin: Oh this was funny. The singer and his “band” took a Rock Band guitar, drums, and mike, and then took the music to “Moving to Israel (Making Aliyah)” by Jewish rap group Breaking Down Mechitzas and just jammed. I can’t wait to here what the judges say about this entry.

David Ackney He was a bit repetitive in the lyrics that he self composed into a song. Otherwise he had a good voice. But nanananannanananana!

Natie Grossnass: England’s got talent! This guy is good! He just needs a video. I would have preferred if the song was in English but from my understanding, according to the comments he does a very good job at pronouncing the Yiddish words.

Shimon Atlas: The video seemed very old, and I could hardly hear. Update! After turning up the volume Shimon Atlas sounds like any other cantor or wedding performer.

“Nachas” Baldinger: Took stuff he did at weddings and edited it together to make a video. It was really loud in the backround in most of the clips so I can’t really say judge his singing.

Yosef Zuber: Are you singing or chanting?

Mendy Jacobson: Very nice video, I enjoyed watching. His voice is pretty good. Not going to lir, I thought it sounded a bit played with.

Dovid Pinter: That was video was very nice , and a very impressive self composition. Your voice sounded very nice.

Binyamin Guttman: Well he took the time to make a video so that was good. I felt like his voice had some trouble reaching those high notes.

Yitzy Goldsmith: Sung in english so I was very happy. The song was also self composed and it was very good, with meaningful lyrics. His video was nice, and his voice was good.
 Any Comments?


  1. I am sorry you can't hear it. Everyone seems to have no problem. Yes, it is a little old, but I think I did a nice job and everyone I speak to says they enjoyed it. Try turning up your speakers :-)

  2. Hi I tried clicking your profile to send you an email. I'm listening to your audtion right now. Full volume. Thanks for the tip. I'll update my thoughts on yours, and write in Day 6 to check out my thoughts on Shimmy Atlas's again.

  3. Well, while I don't consider myself a cantor (singers sing and cantors can't) I do sing at weddings so you have me pegged correctly.