Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Jewish Star Season 2 My Thoughts: Day 4

Hi this is Day 4 of my thoughts on The Jewish Star Season 2 Contestants. Everyday I am taking 10 of the contestant and posting there YouTube video and my thoughts on there performance. I took the time to highlight the guys I liked in bold.  I mentioned in some that I thought they were like any random cantor or any random wedding performance. To perform at a wedding or to be compared to a cantor is an honor.

Shlomo Menkes: I loved it! Totally good.  Video was great. So refreshing, most of the auditions this time are boring. This was awesome! He had this like hip hop sort of thing going on, oh ya and he’s not 20 so it was very entertaining. Keep up the good work. Album anytime?

Mendy Piamenta: So good! Was in Hebrew but had much needed English subtitles. Really loved the lyrics, loved the video. Loved everything. Very good self composed song. Can't believe you sung, played guitar, and looks like you did some drumming to.

David Wertheimer: I like the Hershey pillow in the background, but his voice was very similar to any cantor.

Eldad Aizenman: Did a rap completely in Hebrew. It sounded pretty good compared to other professional raps I've heard by other Israeli singers. When he got to the chorus it didn't sound that good though. Still not to sure about his voice. Other wise like I said very good.

Beryl Teitelbaum: Look out Aaron Holder I think you have competition in the commenting area! As for his video. Very good, nice twist to One Day. I agree with someone’s comment that this will be seen by a lot of people and possibly influence them.  To all those haters who say this isn't Jewish, and to one of the first commentators who had the audacity to ask how is this Jewish. Excuse me, look at the song choice, look at his last name! Then talk.

Paz Shusterman: Very good with the guitar, I could totally see you singing this around a campfire.

Avrami Cohen: Nice job. Refreshing to not listen to almost the exact same thing every audition. If you were the source for that beat, and you made it with your mouth and not a computer then I would love to hear more songs. Preferably in English.

Yaakov Glucksman: It was hard to hear his most likely typical wedding voice because of all the background noise.

Zvi Russell: I like the beat and tune of the song. Very good self composition. Your voice is good to. Like how you made a video and recorded.

Daniel Becker: Nice voice. Good decision to record would have liked to see a more creative video though.


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