Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally A Good Political Cartoon

This whole political cartoon theme is almost over! Just like 2 more after this one and then we can get back to the fun stuff. Well actually we have to wait tell after my midterms for the real interesting articles, like what my opinion on the state of Israel is, and why I like Chabad better then my conservative temple. Yup those are all planned for after my midterms. So keep reading.
1. What is the event or issue that inspired the cartoon?
The issue that inspired this cartoon is the middle east conflict.
2. Are there any real people in the cartoon? Who is portrayed in the cartoon?
There are no real people portrayed in this cartoon.
3. If yes to #2, what feature of that person is characterized?
4. Are there any symbols in the cartoon? What are they and what do they represent?
The symbols in this cartoon are that Israel is this big powerful nation, when the cartoon explains, its actually not.
5. Does the cartoon use labeling or buttons? Explain.
The cartoon uses a lot of labeling. There are a 4 talking bubbles that kind of explain the situation, which is that according to the media Israel is so powerful that it can protect itself, therefor its enemies don't look so bad when they attack Israel. I really like the last bubble that says “one tiny little country of Jews”, it highlights the irony. Israel is one small country of Jews! For peats sake, just leave them alone. I think Harper Lee, the author of to kill a Mocking Bird put it perfectly, they've been prosecuted throughout history, and its very sad.
6. What is the cartoonist’s opinion about the topic portrayed in the cartoon?
The cartoonists opinion of the topic is that Israel is not as strong as it appears. Like seriously, how can 6 Muslim countries not destroy one small tiny Jewish state? I”ll tell you how, with the help of god. So really Israel is not that physically powerful, sure its got a great military, and lots of technological advancements, but overall its kind of weak. Which is fine because Israel doesn't go on bullying mission all over the world(cough America), nope instead it stays at home and defends itself and tries to keep its citizens safe.
7. What is another opinion a person could have about the issue treated in the cartoon? How could the cartoon be revised to communicate that opinion?
Another opinion a person could have about the issue in the cartoon is that Israel is powerful and that its fine to attack it. I mean hello, 6 day war? Anyone remember?? Egypt? Lebanon? No one? Oh I'm sorry you must read to much of the media.
Any Comments?

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