Sunday, January 16, 2011

Israel and the Muslim Countries explained in a Chess game!

If you have been keeping up, and have been reading my blog for a few days you will know that I have been doing a post on Political Cartoons related to Israel. Anyway, who knew homework could be so well, interesting?
This is literally in my opinion one of the most well done, perfect political cartoons I've ever saw.
1. What is the event or issue that inspired the cartoon?
The issue that inspired the cartoon the middle east conflict and specifically how Israel conquered a lot of land and now is slowly it all back.
2. Are there any real people in the cartoon? Who is portrayed in the cartoon?
Now there are no real people in the cartoon.

3. If yes to #2, what feature of that person is characterized?

4. Are there any symbols in the cartoon? What are they and what do they represent?
There are plenty of symbols in this cartoon. One Chess piece is of an Israeli piece, the other pieces are all representing different Muslim countries. One piece is the shape of a Pharaoh head.

5. Does the cartoon use labeling or buttons? Explain.
The cartoon has a bit of words that gives a hint of as to what specifically about the conflict the cartoon is aimed at. The words say “the pawn...” and then say “go ahead! We took your square...take it back!” I honestly think this cartoon explains the Middle East conflict in one completely genius drawing. The Muslims have like 7 Queens are White(they attacked first) and have like I don't know about a million what ever piece you want to call the side of the media. Then you have Israel, this small little team, kind of like a rookie NBA future star going up against the big veterans of the Miami Heat. Yet somehow, like at the beginning of this NBA season the Heat were loosing, now the Heat have gotten organized and are kicking butt. If you go ahead and relate this to the Middle East conflict, the Muslim counties were “united” but not united. Now they are starting to get there act together and are starting to get land back.

6. What is the cartoonist’s opinion about the topic portrayed in the cartoon?
The cartoonist's opinion about the topic portrayed in the cartoon is that the Middle East conflict is like a Chess game, with Israel, the king cornered, in check pleading with its enemies and although this is not indicated by the cartoon; the media.

7. What is another opinion a person could have about the issue treated in the cartoon? How could the cartoon be revised to communicate that opinion?
I guess another opinion a person could have about the issue treated in the cartoon is that the possession of the Chess teams are flipped.

Any Comments?

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