Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay Everyone this is the last Political Cartoon. The Assignment is done and over with. Now time to study for my midterms. Please expect mostly videos for a few days. Once its February,(and my midterms are over) I can ensure you, the posts will be more interesting.
1. What is the event or issue that inspired the cartoon?
The event or issue that inspired this cartoon is the middle east conflict.

2. Are there any real people in the cartoon? Who is portrayed in the cartoon?
There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. If yes to #2, what feature of that person is characterized?

4. Are there any symbols in the cartoon? What are they and what do they represent?
Yes there are symbols in this cartoon.

5. Does the cartoon use labeling or buttons? Explain.
Yes the cartoon uses labeling, it labels the White House and uses words to explain that the White House is like the capital of Israel because all major important decisions are decided there.

6. What is the cartoonist’s opinion about the topic portrayed in the cartoon?
The cartoonist's opinion about the topic is that most issues relating to peace in the Middle East are decided at the White House. Or at the very least influenced by the White House, therefor the White House should just be the capital of Israel.

7. What is another opinion a person could have about the issue treated in the cartoon? How could the cartoon be revised to communicate that opinion?
Another opinion someone could have of the issue is that the White House does not interfere with the impossible peace proceses in the middle east. Of course this idea is bogus, I mean how many countries is the US in right now? Oh ya, approximately a lot.
Any Comments?

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