Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Read Frumsatire Religiously

Every single day of the week I log onto; because I read it religiously. Something about reading stories about Heshy Fried, the author of the blogs kiddush experience is quiet interesting. His Shidduchem, Jewish matchmaking dating experiences and thoughts on pretty much life are just funny and entertaining to read.
PS. This post was inspired by my homework assignment to write an analysis on a blog.

To understand the character of frumsatire look no farther then the name. Frum is a slangish word for a religious Jew. Satire, at least in this case means something crazy, possibly funny, that could maybe happen to be true, but isn't true. On frumsatire the satire part really makes the blog unique. A few weeks ago or so Heshy wrote about Chabad's "publicity stunt"I could not find the post, (I'm guessing Heshy took it down.) This post had 100's of comments telling him he was idiot etc. He probably got emails telling him he was a bad person etc, because a few days after the post was posted he wrote an apology post explaining how it was Satire. For anyone who is interested Heshy does not hate Chabad. Don't believe me? Why Heshy Fried loves Chabad He even made a video on How to be a Lubavitcher:

I looked at old frumsatire posts and found the story of frumsatire Part 1 and Part 2. Heshy's story of starting to blog because he likes to write and because he could just talk and talk and talk is the same reason I started a blog.

Seriously though, Heshy Fried is a frum blogging genius!!! Like seriously read this post about Jewish labels or one of his multiple post about what different kinds of Jews like. They are all detailed, all funny, and all true. The guy is a genius and I respect him so much.

Guest writers truly come to Heshy’s aid (not that he needs any). They provide posts with more controversial topics. Still Heshy Fried is not one of the biggest, if not the biggest Jewish blogger without being something special....

because besides for his blog, he makes hilarious ranting videos.(Although he also makes rant posts) Like I'm telling you, you have to check out this guys YouTube page! Oh and he even made a Shidduch on his blog! Hello who else can say that? Seriously check out his stuff, . Again, I read this blog religiously, I'm sure a lot of people have an opinion on frumsatire, so please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

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