Wednesday, February 2, 2011

150 Chapters

So now its time to post about some Jewish aspects of life. Well there's this thing called Tehillim, your suppose to say it if someones sick etc. A great Rabbi once said, that if we knew how great Tehillim are we would say them all the time. Unfortunately we don't realize the magnitude.

There are 150 Chapters of Tehilim, some great men and women say the whole book everyday. Most people say a few according to the day of the month, and then add more if they know someone who is sick. Well I don't say anything. Zip, zero, nacho. So that's been bothering me lately. It's like suppose to be soooo sosooo important to say Tehillim but I don't say any.

One of the problems, reason I don't say Tehillim, I don't have a book of Tehillim, well fortunately for me, that's not a great excuse cuz uhm hello.... ever hear of the Internet??? Ya if you google search Tehillim there's like a billion free sites were you can print them.

My other excuse is, that I don't know them. Well that's were my new goal has kicked in. I'm going to start with the 150th Chapter and add a chapter a day until my camp starts. See I'm doing a countdown, and its hard to remember what day I'm on etc, so I figured kill two birds with one stone right? ;)

Well to make sure I stick with it, I've decided to post about it. I'm gonna post the chapter I'm adding that day, what I thought of it etc.

I've already started, I'm on the 145th chapter, so I'm 6 days into the project. I started a new side blog called each post has a number of the chapter and what I thought of the chapter. So far the posts have been one or two sentences; a reflection. In the future I want to make the posts have the Chapter I added that day and then a few sentences or a paragraph.


  1. you really inspire me!
    thanks im going to try this. i tried for a while and then i guess i just gave up.
    thanks o so much. do you have a specific website or anything that you read them off of?

    have fun!

  2. Good luck with chapter 119 ;)

  3. do i sense sarcasm alarbean? ;) lucky for me chap 117 i beleive is 4 lines.

    BlaBla sory it took me a while to get back to you. and yes i do have a certain site i use.
    i'm also really touched that you continuously check my blog, and comment even though i'm not very consistent with posting ;)
    whats even more touching is that i inspired you. thanks for sharing. made my week :)

  4. I didn't mean it sarcastically. But it is a very large chapter and it probably will take more than a few minutes for you to complete.

  5. ya i've been saying it for a few days already. haven't update the tehiillim blog but it has taken me a big more time then other chapters