Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning about the Holocaust in Public School Day 3

Today we turned in our pink packets that were homework over the weekend. From there we started a discussion, I would like to highlight two things we talked about:

1. There are other Genocides happening in Africa now for example Darfur there are 100,000's of Innocent civilians being mass murdered. Yes, that's not even close to the 6 million plus Jews that perished in the Holocaust. I asked my teacher why the mighty United States who must go to countries all over the world to police wars is not doing anything to stop the Genocides in Africa. My teacher explained; that yes whats happening in Africa is a genocide absolutely, but governments officials who are part of the UN cannot call it a Genocide because if they did awarding to the papers they have signed have an obligation to go in there and take care of it.
Countries don't want to have soldiers over there for 20 or so years policing everything. The US and European countries don't want another big war, Europe didn't even want World War 2, they realized to many lives were being lost in these wars. Unfortunately stupid Hitler, a German soldier who could have died in World War 1, but unfortunately didn't, had different plans.

That's the reason the US didn't immediately enter World War 2, because:
1. They didn't know about the horrors that were occurring in the death camps
2. They didn't want to loose all these lives and were trying to stay isolated; they didn't want to embrace there role as a powerful nation in the world. 

2. My teacher said that people knew what was happening in Germany, yes there was not a lot of reporting, but if you really looked you could find out -that is wrong. Tell me if you have read even one Holocaust book, have you heard the Jews know were they are going, do the Jews know they are not just going to slave labor camps, but indeed to Gas Champers to be murdered? Do they even know there going to slave labor camps? Or do they just know there getting on very crowded trains and will never be returning?
Do American Rabbis know that Jews are being murdered by the millions?  Did US citizens, German, British, any country in the world know? The answer is no.

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