Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Big Break

I started my blog a little over 6 months ago. In the begging, I was posting three four times a day, I was SO into it. I loved, and still love blogging. These frequent posts lasted a few days. In fact I even got over 500 hits a day once. What did I do to get this traffic? Simple, I found something big happening and gave commentary on it.

The Story
When A Jewish Star Season 2 happened I naturally started watching the videos. Each video was a separate audition, and there were two competitions; kids and adults. There were a tons of videos to watch, I knew people were not going to want to sit through close to 100 videos. Especially when some of them absolutely sucked.

I decided I would watch every single video and give my opinion on it. Each day for a week I posted some of the videos and my thoughts on whether it was worth watching or not.  I emailed the people in charge of the competition and they posted a link to my blog on there facebook  page to my blog. Contestants and voters(the competition requires online votes, and then a final live show of contestants voted in by voters) started coming to my blog, and commenting. Remember, I'd only been blogging for less then a month when all of this happened. I got so many page views I didn't know what to do.

After I finished my review on the audition videos, the next week I didn't post at all. When I started posting again I checked my status and I was back to 0-20 viewer.  I came back, expecting to get the 2-5 comments I had gotten on my previous postes. Instead I got zero. I was devastated.

The lesson?
1.I learned that if you want traffic, you need to find something big happening and blog about it, that way the big thing happening will link to you and you'll get views.

2. Be consistent in posting. I got a ton of page views but didn't convert almost any of them into frequent viewers because they thought I wasn't going to post again and just left.

Epilogue story time 
After the live show of The Jewish Star Season 2 I decided to post my reactions to the winners. I didn't get linked to this time because it wasn't a nice review. One last tip I have for you, that should be used in general life; be nice.

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