Monday, May 30, 2011

Flocking Fridays

I just discovered this site called Every week the blog has a few word prompt. Its designed as a challenge. I decided to give it a go. This weeks word is Flocking.

Every Friday afternoon Jewish men head to what is known as the Jewish house of worship,  called either, a Synagogue, Temple, or Shul. These Flockings  of Jews to one place happen because the Sabbath is arriving.

Friday is not the only time Jews flock to Shul. On any given Jewish holiday, Jews can be found flocking to there house of worships. Occasionally Jews flock to other places, like grave sites of famous leaders. For example-

Breslov Hasidim and many followers of Reb Nachum flock to his grave on Rosh Hashona, the Jewish new year.

After the Holocaust when Zionists were trying to petition for a Jewish state, they encourage Jews to flock to Israel because they needed more Jew's living there to make a strong argument

Can you think of any other times Jews flock to places? When do they flock there? Where do they flock to?