Monday, May 30, 2011

Pro Israel doesn't = Pro Jew

The middle east conflict's and Israels fight for survival in general is constantly in the news. Lots of people are for Israel, they believe Israel is a good thing. As Netanyahu said; "it's the only thing that is right in the middle east." But just because the world supports Israel, does not mean the world is likes Jews, and that the world does not have anti Semites today. If anyone tells you there is no anti Semites in the world they are a big fat lier. Being for Israel does not mean someone is Pro Jews.

Israels Allies- Israels allies do not always like Jews. Do Egyptian citizens and its leaders like Jews? Not particularly. Do US and its leaders like Jews? Well duh- the Jewish leaders and citizens do. The others, don't care. Why should they care? Is religion a reason for a country to or not to be someones Allie?
No, nope the most important reason to be someones Allie is because you support there type of government. Egypt, during Muborok was a "democracy" so naturally they grudgingly made a peace treaty with Israel.

Activists- Talk show host Glen Beck is constantly supporting Israel on his show. He says Israel should not be expected to talk to terrorists. At the same time, in January 2011 400 Rabbis signed a letter asking for his firing because of anti Semitic comments on his show about Nazis and the Holocaust. Clearly he's not pro Jew, and clearly he does support Israel.

The Torah Jews- Some Jews believe having a secular Jewish state is wrong. They also believe Jewish lives being killed is not okay at all. They do not support Israel, they support Jewish life. They are pro Jew, but not Pro Israel. There argument is, it is out land, but we should not be governing ourselves tell Moshaich comes. Sense international law gave us the land, and sense Israel was rudely attacked by 5 Arab nations at once and  thus we have the land we should not give any land back.

The Israeli Jews-We lastly have the Israelis and Zionists who think living in Israel is enough. They act like, and talk as if living in Israel is all the Torah commands us to do. I've seen it with my own eyes, they roll there eyes at brachos, they don't Daven, they laugh at “to Jewish things for them” yet the live in the Holy land, Eretz Yisroel. It's enough for them, because they are pro Israel. The continuation of the state of Israel, even if its one square mile, as long as it is alive is fine for them.

How do you feel the world likes Jews? Israel? Do you think the world is for or against the continuation of Israel? Does the world like Jews? Yes or no? Please comment below how you feel.


  1. I don't think you should draw conclusions about Glenn Beck's feelings towards Jews or the Nazi holocaust based on the incident that you reference.