Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama, Israel 2 State Solution-Rant

Note: This post has not been reread. I'm writing it rant style. No edits, just spell checker. Enjoy.

Israel, Eretz Yisroel, The Holy Land, The Land of Israel, maybe you even call it Palestine, is one of the most controversial, places in the world to determine the answer to the question, who is entitled to the land? The land in questioning is smaller then the size of Marlyand. Its itty bitty. It went hand and hand from Greeks, Romes, Britain tell finally in 1948 Zionist got the UN to vote on should Israel be a state, long story short, they voted yes and Israel because a Jewish democratic state. Are there internal government problems? Absolutely. Do I support everything the Israeli government does? Absolutely not! Most of the time I think they are complete idiots and make the whole Jewish nation look ridiculous.

Getting back on topic, Obama, the United States president. Arguably the most powerful man in the world has backed Palestinian authorities saying Israel needs to return 67 borders for the two state solution by next Thursday. I'm sorry Mr. President, but is this another media scam? because its not funny. You are 1. Going against US law by helping our friends enemy's. 2. If that's not enough, what will a two state solution solve?


A 2 state solution will give the Palestinians what they want, and all they have to do is continue blowing up Israelis, continue there terror, continue killing Jewish lives. They are getting rewarded for terror. A 2 state solution given to them by the UN will do nothing but cause more conflict. Does the world want another Holocaust? How can you take away land from a country, a small baby country that is not even recognized by there enemy's as existing? How can you morally do that? Do you want them to be massed murdered?

My opinion? You cannot talk to terrorists, Hamas is a terrorist group.

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