Friday, September 2, 2011

A Few Nice Videos Before Shabbos 9/2

Most of these videos have previously been seen on
Well my brother and I have been watching Kinderlach videos all week so here are a few.


Hello we are the kinderlach!! :)

A boy named Zlata- Camp Govah Music Video 2010

Am Yisroel-Camp Govah Music Video 2011. Which do you like better? Am Yisroel or Zlata?

No Talking in Shul-Govah Music Video 2011 (Officially this camp makes a lot of music videos)

The New Chaya Suri Video!!

Camp Simcha Lighting Up The Night Music Video
You can't help but love this!!

Honest Reporting-What has Israel Ever done for Peace?
This video cracks me up. Its funny but true. These guys are trying to show how biased the media is. Check them out at Personally I am not in love with there website, but I do like there videos. A lot. Especially this one.

Saadyah Tzvi - Heat 
I think this guy could for sure be the next big Jewish Rapper.

Last but not least its finally here!!! ITS SHABBOS NOW-REMIX OF FRIDAY

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