Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How I got My Family to Light Shabbos Candles-Sometimes its Good to Push

Shabbos Candles. Photo Credit: http://www.agudatachim.org/
and a nice easy Google search
On Rosh Hashanah my holy imperfect friend and other friend came to my middle of no were liberal town for the holiday. I was very excited and it was a very nice reunion. We chatted about a multiple of things, one of which was lighting Shabbos candles. At this time I was Shomer Shabbos but I still didn't light candles and although I  knew I should begin doing this I had zero intention of starting anytime soon. My friends began pushing me and I turned them down. It wasn't that I wasn't interested or ready, or didn't hear them I just didn't see the reason to light. It would probably upset my parents who were finally getting to use to me wearing skirts. I don't like matches and unlike most females when lighting I don't feel anything. (One day IYH I will!!!)
After Rosh Hashanah my friends went home and left me all alone for Yom Kippur and Succos. Erev Yom Tov for Succos I was chatting my friend and again she attempted to convince me to light. I kindly told her(just kidding it was actually really sharply
) no thank you and to please stop bugging me about it. Maybe after Tshrei was over and I was in the routine of school I would.

A week or two later(after Succos was over) I schemed in my head how I was going to get my family to light. It was Friday afternoon and my neighbor asked me to go down the street and buy her a few things from the supermarket. I gladly accepted because while I was there I was planning to buy shabbos candles. I knew the store sold them because I had spotted them a few weeks ago when I went for another reason. I bought a box and the only option was a $10 box. I grudgingly but happily payed.

When I got home my mother asked me what I bought. I didn't jump around the bush. I told her, "Shabbos Candles can we light tonight?"(remember it was Friday afternoon) She replied sure why not?

So the lesson as my young shlucha pointed out when I related her this story is "with out that extra push from you it never would have happened."

Like this stickfigure pushes his landmower. A push gets the job done.
That's right, it was a push that got a mitzvah done. Dont' be afraid to push people every now and then. It's not being rude and in the long run they will thank you!

I'm a firm believer that a push is not a bad thing and actually helps people do something they already want to do. Thoughts?