Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Happens When a Non-Lubavitcher Starts Learning Hayom Yom?

I won a book from AHTO, the new fancy blue Hayom Yom. I was soo happy because the book has the Hebrew with vowels  text of the Hayom Yom and a little something in English. When I went to New York to my shock and delight my holy but imperfect friend gave me some sefers. One of which was a big fancy blue new Hayom Yom. Perfect now I had a gift for my father who has recently started going to minyan once a week. (of course that to is all thanks  to my push)

When I presented my father with the present he was beaming. His smile was as big as can be. I explained to him how it works, you learn one page a day. He asked was it in English? I told him to open up and see.

He then asked if he needed to read the Hebrew. I told him that was up to him. I suggested that he take the book to work. He did and when he came home the next day we discussed how it went, "Well I read the English and then when I was digesting what I read, I read the Hebrew. I saw the word Israel in the Hebrew and I was pretty sure I hadn't read the word Israel in English. So I read it again. In total I read it 3 times." a smaller version of the present I gave my father

This would be a great ending but I'm happy to say the story continues. On the 3rd day my father told me he hadn't read the page that day because "He was to busy reviewing the last two days." I told him not too worry, I had the book at home and he can borrow mine. Later that night I went in my room and found my father looking for my Hayom Yom.

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